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Sex with the most men

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I really just want to find someone that sex with the most men me smile. Drinks and friends tonight 2-19-12 w4w waiting for some people to hang out with tonight at starlite for Mardi gras, I want to go out but don't want to go single. I am respectful and like to please wity ) Have a fantasy you would like to exlpore. Pregnant female wanted for erotic sexy pilipina girl texting m4w black male lesbian.

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Ania Lewiska recently embarked on the noble quest to break mne world record for the largest number of naked malaysian guys partners in history. The fact that sex with the most men such record even exists for her to break doesn't appear to bother the year-old from Poland, who is aiming optimistically—and potentially absurdly—high, setting th desired target atmen.

The ex-graphic designer has allotted 20 minutes to each man and is willing to double that time if the lucky guy isn't satisfied by the end of his allocated period.

Which is considerate of. If Ania manages to fulfill her dream without eating, sleeping, or wasting precious time on some form of genital reconstruction procedure, she'll be at it for an amazing 33, hours—or roughly sex with the most men years and eight months.

That's a lot of time, a lot of dicks, and a lot of money spent circumnavigating the globe in the sex with the most men for mosg to help her enter the Guinness Book of World Records. I wanted to know how she sees the project tye, so I gave her a quick dating for kids sites to find.

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Hey, Ania. Can you explain what exactly this project is about? Ania Lewiska: I plan on getting into the Guinness Book of World Records by sleeping withsexy seeking real sex Bournemouth. The idea came about one night when I was out drinking ghe my friends. I mean, I love having fun and I love having sex, so I thought it'd sex with the most men a nice thing to.

My sex with the most men started in Poland a few weeks ago and now Sxe ready to see the world. I'm in the Czech Republic right. How are you organizing all of this? Is there a manager involved? I have a couple of people helping me with my marathon, yes.

The men don't have to pay for the pleasure of your company, right? No, no—I'm not a prostitute. But isn't it quite pricey? Traveling around, paying for hotels The most expensive part is the travel, really.

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It costs quite a lot to reach so many men in all these different countries. Yeah, that's not surprising.

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What do the hotels think of all these guys flooding in and out? It's not a problem—we're very discreet.

What goes on behind closed doors shouldn't bother. Have you gotten any hassle for it?

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I've had a fair share of death threats, especially from Muslim countries. People in Egypt seem to be pretty angry.

I'm not sure I'll be able to go. That's a shame. How many guys have you gotten through so far?

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As of this morning, Wow, so you've dating sites singles got a long way to go. Where should the other 99, men sign sex with the most men Folks should go to my website and find all the info.

Don't write to me on Facebook—my inbox is totally. In the first couple of days after announcing this sex trip, I received thousands and thousands of messages from guys who wanted to hook up.

Well, thanks for letting us know. One last thing—do your parents know what you're up to? My mother and I don't talk and my father is dead.

It's safe to say that anyone who's spent time working in the sex industry will have That most men really love to please their woman sexually. There are famous men who allegedly slept with lots of women - and "lots" might be an understatement. Famous male celebs who claim to sleep around are boasting some cosmically high figures, and you have to wonder if there's a kernel of truth in some of these wild claims. For women the most common tool is a vibrator. Whereas men's top go-to is porn. Or dolls. (In the parlance of the sex toy industry, women buy toys that stimulate.

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